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Creating the Perfect Wedding Registry

Yay! You are getting married, and it is time to set up your wedding website, create your registry, and plan your dream wedding! Wedding Registries are exciting, but they can be overwhelming and terrifying at the same time. So how do you create the perfect wedding registry?

When we went to create our registry we were told you should “register for twice as many things as we had guests invited to our wedding.”  This multiplied the stress level by 10. Walking through the aisles of Bed Bath and Beyond trying to scan 400 things  (we planned on inviting 200 people to our wedding) is overwhelming. So, we decided to share some of the things we learned through the wedding registry process.

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A Wedding Website

First, we suggest having an online wedding website and registry, whether it is through The Knot, Amazon, Zola, or a different platform. We believe it is crucial to have a simple and easy to find a registry. If you are wondering which platform is the best choice for you, we have compared Zola vs The Knot.

The Wedding Registry

There are a few ways to make your wedding registry easy to navigate with items everyone can afford. Register for a variety of items ranging from bakeware to towels. You can register for sets, but we also suggest registering for the individual items as well to give your guests options that fit their budget. This is one of the biggest ways to set your registry up for success. Don’t be afraid to register for expensive things you will never buy yourself, but also register for cheaper items.

For us, we registered at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Williams Sonoma. This gave our guests a variety of options depending on their preferences. However, you can register through companies like Wayfair or Amazon if you are not needing a lot of household items.

We also suggest constantly checking and updating your registry. By keeping tabs on what was bought, you can add more items to ensure there is ample choices at every price point.

Pro Tip: Write thank you notes as you receive items that have been bought off of your registry. Keep an accurate track of what was bought, by whom, and if the notes has been mailed. This helps you not have hundreds of thank you notes after your wedding!

If you follow these tips you will create the perfect wedding registry!

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