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Why You Should Have an Unplugged Wedding

We believe weddings are special, sacred moments as two families and two individuals become one together. We love when our couples want an “unplugged wedding” as we believe this allows the focus to be on the couple. There are different forms of an unplugged wedding, but the most popular version is a cell phone free ceremony. In the age of cell phones and social media, many couples are searching for ways to keep their wedding day private. Personally, we love the idea.

Some of our favorite wedding day moments are the vows, the first kiss, and the couple’s session. For us, there is something so magical about watching two people madly in love become one. An unplugged wedding allows guests to really focus on why they were invited: to celebrate the couple and be present to witness the beautiful wedding. Unplugged weddings also allow the photographers and videographers to capture the wedding without cell phones and guests being in the shots. No one wants a cell phone being in the photo or video of their first kiss!

The best way to tell your guests

With more and more couples wanting an unplugged ceremony, we wanted to share some ways to share this with your guests. We have seen many couples use wedding signs or put a note on the invitations.  However, many couples have now decided to make an announcement at the beginning of the ceremony, prompting guests to put away their devices. We have found the announcement has been most effective, as some guests do not pay as much attention to signs.

For our own wedding, we decided to go with an announcement. We had the best man ask before the ceremony for everyone to put away their phones and be present for our wedding. We had a wonderful and cell phone free ceremony! It prevented hundreds of photos from going on social media and allowed us to celebrate with our guests. So, if you are in doubt or considering an unplugged wedding we highly suggest it!

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