Nashville has some of the best wedding planners in the country. From amazing design expertise to managing large events, these planners have the skill, vision, and experience to bring your wedding dreams to life!

Nashville Wedding

A Guide to the Best

You want to get married in Nashville, and you are looking for the best wedding planners in Nashville! 

We are wedding videographers who have had the privilege to work with some of the best wedding planners in the world right here in Tennessee. If you are looking for a wedding planner to help make you wedding dreams come true then you are in the right place! 

We will share you the best planners, what sets them apart, and some things to consider when planning a wedding in the Music City! 

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Ad Astra Events

Ad Astra Events is an amazing planning company in Nashville, TN with a custom approach to wedding planning! Because no two weddings are the same, Ad Astra hand-crafts all package proposals. This means couples can choose how many meetings they want, what extra services they think they'll need, and how much of our time they want. 

Favorite Nashville Wedding Venues: The Bedford, Wilburn Street Studio, Cannery Ballroom, The Cordelle, The Gaylord Opryland, Ravenswood Mansion, and Southall Meadows.

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Ad Astra Events

At Ad Astra Events we enjoy all weddings, but specifically love the ones that blend two contrasting styles to create a cohesive vibe. For example, hosting a wedding at an industrial-style venue and filling it with soft draping and mood lighting to round out the space. Balancing the two ends of the spectrum in the design and decor is often challenging, but so incredibly rewarding when it's done well!

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Amy & I Designs

Amy & I Designs provides wedding planning, and custom floral design services in Nashville. With our love for all things fabulous, we add our personal touch of style and charm to every wedding. We offer Full Service Planning, Partial Wedding Planning, and Month of Planning as well as Custom Floral Design packages. We want to help you in creating and bringing forth your vision for your special day. 

Favorite Nashville Wedding Venues:
14 TENN, Loveless Barn, Noelle, Hermitage Hotel

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Amy & I Designs

Amy & I Designs is a small, local company, so we are able to provide a more intimate and one-on-one planning and design process with our couples. We love having our couples involved in the planning process and we are able to develop a friendship throughout the process.

Ultimately, our ideal clients are couples who are interested in having that intimate, one-on-one experience that you don’t normally get with a larger company. Amy & I Design’s couples are ones who are ready to have some fun while planning their wedding and gain a friend while doing it.

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As We Gather

As We Gather is owned by Emily, a Nashville native who has found her calling assisting brides and grooms on their wedding journey.

As We Gather specializes in full wedding planning and month of coordination. We have been in business for almost four years now and average 15 weddings a year or so. We only take on one wedding a weekend so that we can dedicate that whole week/weekend to the one couple. 

Favorite Nashville Wedding Venues: Saint Elle, The Cordelle, Long Hollow Gardens, The Reserve, Ravenswood Mansion, Allenbrooke Farms

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As We Gather

At As We Gather, we go above and beyond our contract duties and we are passionate about what we do! Our team is loyal, understanding of your budget, flexible and our clients tell us we are a calming presence! But, we also know how to get it done! 

We love outdoor weddings because they have beautiful color and don't require too much extra decor! I also love simple weddings so that the bride and groom can focus on each other rather than all the moving parts and pieces!

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Elizabeth Events

At Elizabeth Events our goal is to make you feel like a guest at your own wedding! We offer packages ranging from Wedding Management all the way to Full Planning! We are also happy to tailor each of our packages to our clients needs. 

One thing that sets us a part is a value on our relationship with our clients. It is so important for us to build that trust with them so they can truly relax and know their wedding day is in good hands.

Favorite Nashville Wedding Venues: The Estate at Cherokee Dock, The Barn at Sycamore Farms, Ravenswood Mansion, War Memorial Auditorium, and The Reserve at Fat Bottom Brewery.

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Elizabeth Events

Our goal at Elizabeth Events is to make our clients' dream wedding come to life. Full planning and design is our speciality! We love creating a unique and cohesive design throughout the whole space. We love building relationships with our clients so they trust us to take care of all of the details, so they can experience a stress free wedding planning process. We love making our clients feel like a guest at their wedding!

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Locklane Weddings & Events

From elaborate parties to citywide concerts, Megan has brought ideas and vision to life since 2005. We consider it an honor when couples ask us to be a part of their love story.The joining of two families, the lifetime commitment, the expression of who you are as a couple, the celebration⁠. 

At Locklane, we do it all, from full-scale planning to event coordination. We relieve the stress of planning weddings and personal celebration by attending to all of the little details with a trained eye.

Favorite Nashville Wedding Venues: The Schermerhorn, Wilburn Street Studio, Beech Grove Historic Venue, The Clementine

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Locklane Weddings & Events

We aim to connect with our couples on a level that allows who they are to truly shine through on their wedding day. We love to interweave aspects of our couples’ lives into their celebration. Did the couple first meet at a donut shop on a Sunday morning? A donut wall at the reception would be a great way to reference their meet-cute. Or perhaps we choose a music venue for the reception because it was where the bride performed her first show. Creating a beautiful, Instagram-worthy day is always wonderful, but if you can't look back in 20 years and still love your wedding day, then we haven't done our job right.

Our ideal wedding reflects the couple, while also being timeless. I am really drawn to classic weddings that stand the test of time, even if they have some trendy elements.

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Music City Events

With Music City Events you have experienced, enthusiastic and committed planners available to walk you through the process. Each of our packages include a team of experienced planners, online management with real time updates, unlimited communication and support!

Music City Events approaches each wedding as it is: a personal expression of your tastes. We do not have a "one angle approach" and work to ensure your wedding looks like YOU! Not your friends. Or that wedding on Pinterest. YOU. 

Favorite Nashville Wedding Venues: The Cordelle, The Hermitage Hotel, The Schermerhorn, Cheekwood, Noelle

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Music City Events

We want our couples to thrive and to enjoy the wedding planning process. We love nothing more than creating the perfect day for our clients so that they can focus on each other -- and their loved ones.  Our ideal wedding is a creative and meaningful ceremony followed by a great party!

We are fully transparent about our pricing and packages. Check out our website for details!

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The New Eclectic

The New Eclectic is a boutique event planning company specializing in Full Planning. Partial Planning, and Month of Coordination in Nashville, TN.

Our number one goal is to make the wedding planning process, which has been highly commercialized to equal stress, as peaceful and as stress-free as possible. We strive to create wedding environments that are unique to each couple, peaceful, comfortable, fun, and a true reflection of the things that are important to the couple

Favorite Nashville Wedding Venues: The Cordelle, Saint Elle, ONE, Ruby and Clementine, Wilburn Street Studio 

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The New Eclectic

We want to create an event for the couple that is unique to them and a true reflection of what's important to them. We go above and beyond to ensure each couple feels important and taken care of, while also curating a highly personalized experience for them.

We can also create custom packages to fit what a couple is looking for if one of our curated packages doesn't fit their needs

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Premier W.e.d.

Premier W.E.D. is an award winning wedding and event planning company based in Nashville, Tennessee and producing events nationwide. Owner Dawn Schenkel has earned a reputation over her 20 year career for producing events with unparalleled design and flawless execution. Coming on to the hospitality scene years before Pinterest or even Google was truly what it is, only strengthened Dawn's design sense and helps her keep an organic and authentic approach to each client's design. No cookie cutter brides! Let her hand-selected team of bright, energetic planners and directors bring your vision to life.

Favorite Nashville Wedding Venues:
 Cheekwood, The Estate at Cherokee Dock, Schermerhorn, Saint Elle, Cordell, East Ivy Mansion, Sycamore Farms, Clementine, War Memorial, Country Music Hall of Fame.

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Premier W.E.D.

Our office has been in business for 20 years and survived industry changes, challenges and a recession. We have a well known reputation for not just amazing design skills, but also being logistical magicians! We are also known for our patience and flexibility established through our years of experience. Each client is different and has different needs and wants. Our job is to patiently assist and educate them through the most important day they have come to in their life.

Large or small, our ideal wedding is meaningful, perfectly designed for the couple it represents, and one that the couple trusts us to make amazingly special and an authentic experience for them. We honestly have a heart for the romance of what we get to witness. It's such a blessing!

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Velour Premier Events

Velour Premier Events was founded on the belief that an event, no matter how large or small, signifies a major historical milestone and deserves authentic planning and the utmost attention to detail. Whether it's a grand opening, album release, wedding or gala; each event requires precise execution. Velour aims to put a creative design to your vision and make the event of your dreams come to life. 

Favorite Nashville Wedding Venues: Cherokee Dock, Clementine, The Cordelle, St. Elle, The Space at 100 Taylor, Sycamore Farms, And Cheekwood!

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Velour Premier Events

We have a streamlined planning process and a very dedicated team. We don’t just plan, but we make sure to handle logistics, style, and design with our couples leading up to the moment we send them off at the end of their wedding! We treat our couples like family and care for each wedding like it’s our own. We support the work and vision of everyone, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

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Vision in White Events

When potential couples meet us, they often tell us that they can tell we love what we do - and they're right! This doesn't feel like a job to us and it shows. We're passionate and creative and we're almost always having a laugh with our clients. We truly enjoy getting to know them on a personal level and maintain those relationships long after the bouquet has been tossed and the last sparkler has been extinguished. 

Favorite Nashville Wedding Venues: The Cordelle, Belle Meade Plantation, Country Music Hall of Fame and Musician's Hall of Fame, Long Hollow Gardens and Saddle Woods Farms. 

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Vision in White Events

We're a small team of wedding and event coordinators that have been planning beautiful weddings in Nashville since 2013. We pride ourselves in building relationships with our clients to help create a memorable wedding day. We're a team of passionate professionals that are dedicated to delivering personalized wedding days for all of our amazing couples! 

We love a wedding filled with personal touches that truly get to the heart of the bride and groom. Whether it's a nod to how they met, their favorite meal being served to their guests, or wearing mom's wedding dress, all of those small details add up to a beautiful day.

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As Nashville Wedding Videographers with over ten years of wedding industry experience, we highly recommend hiring a wedding planner. Here are the five main reasons why we believe a wedding planner is worth the investment. 

1. Wedding planners are extraordinary at communicating, organizing logistics, design, and planning. They have an extensive network behind them, from the best floral designers in town, to how much time is needed to get from your venue to the reception. By hiring a professional, you are eliminating a lot of the stress of planning one of the biggest days of your life.

2. Wedding planners can work with your budget to help you have the wedding of your dreams. They know what vendors and venues to recommend to fit your vision, style, and ultimately budget!
Wedding planners will communicate with your vendors on your wedding day and ensure your ceremony and reception set up is complete. Their job is to make your wedding day as stress-free as possible. Even with the best plans and vendor team, often something will go wrong, so by hiring a wedding planner, they can handle the situation without the couple ever knowing. 

3. Wedding planners are there to help develop a timeline and ensure you stay on track throughout the day. They are the person to ensure you get to the ceremony on time; the wedding party is in the right place, and the groomsmen have their boutonnieres on, etc. 

4. Wedding planners have unique relationships with vendors and venues to offer elopements, micro-weddings that you may not be aware of otherwise. 

5. If your ceremony venue and reception space is the same location, sometimes it is necessary to "flip" a room to set up for the reception. Wedding planners do this all the time and have access to the staff to make this happen. 

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