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Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

Congratulations! You are engaged, wedding planning has begun, and you are looking forward to being married. Wedding planning is stressful, overwhelming, and at times confusing. Planning your perfect honeymoon doesn’t have to be. So much focus goes into having the perfect dream wedding, we wanted to make the honeymoon planning process a breeze. We just finalized our honeymoon trip to Hawaii, and we will share all of our honeymoon details when we get back.

We decided to break down the honeymoon planning process into five distinct phases because for us it really helped us in our planning the perfect honeymoon.

Honeymoon Location

Find a honeymoon location that you both will love. This is the first trip as husband and wife, and it needs to be a location that you both are excited about. Do your research on the best locations for the time of year you are getting married. For us, we are getting married in June, so we wanted to go somewhere tropical. We settled on Hawaii, but it wasn’t the only place we considered. We suggest both of you sit down separately and list your top three places to go (after the research on best locations based on the time of year). See if you have an overlapping destination in your top three or use these as a basis for choosing your perfect honeymoon location. The important thing is to find somewhere you both will love.

Honeymoon Budget

Once you have a location set, you need to determine the budget you want to stay within for your honeymoon. Your overall honeymoon budget will determine the number of days you can spend. All of this is relative based on how far away your location is, and the cost to get there. There are ways to get the most out of your honeymoon budget, and we have explained the best ways to stretch your honeymoon budget here.

Honeymoon Logistics

Once you have the desired length of your trip, figure out the best places to stay and the cost of flights. Here we lay out the best ways to find cheap flights for your honeymoon. You can look at all-inclusive resorts, regular resorts, hotels, Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, etc… The type of accommodations will determine the style and feel of your honeymoon. Do you want more of a personal and private honeymoon or one where you are pampered with an all-inclusive resort? Once you have an idea of a place to stay look into if you will need to rent a car.

Honeymoon Excursions

Write out the must-do things while you are on your trip. Don’t go crazy with a laundry list of things to do, but have a list of things you want to accomplish. Our biggest suggestion with this is to be flexible. You are on your honeymoon, so you should be relaxing and spending time with your husband/wife. Enjoy your trip and ensure you have time to relax because you just have been planning a very stressful wedding. Enjoy your honeymoon and explore the amazing location you chose to visit.

Book Your Honeymoon!

Book everything and enjoy your trip! After all, you’ll be married and spending an amazing vacation with your best friend!

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