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How He Asked: A Series – The Perfect Birmingham Proposal

We are sharing a series of proposal stories from our couples! We love hearing how our couples met, how he proposed, and the magic of their love story. Our first “How He Asked” story is from Allie and Dylan. They had an amazing wedding in Birmingham, Alabama. Their whole story was so special and the proposal is classic Birmingham from a romantic dinner to Vulcan! But first, we wanted to share a little bit into how Allie and Dylan first met.

How They Met

“Allie and I first met each other at our accounting firm’s training facility called Deloitte University, or often referred to by our colleagues as D-Harmony. Since we both have jobs as tax accountants, I remember us introducing ourselves with caution, fully aware that the charisma of a stereotypical accountant can be just as mundane as the job itself. However, with much ease, Allie and I found an instant connection in our love for brisket nachos and old fashions. The only problem was that we worked in offices 150 miles away from each other. But don’t worry, we quickly found an alternative to our incessant need for witty banter: Skype for Business. Instead of working on tax returns, we started instant messaging with each other like a couple of sixth-graders who recently discovered AIM.

Initially, we were both suffering from “I like you but we live in different cities so I don’t want to get attached“ syndrome. However, thanks to another well-timed training event in Atlanta, Allie and I were able to spend a weekend together to discover that our personalities were unequivocally identical on the spectrum of awkwardness. It was perhaps this revelation that made us both realize this was an opportunity we couldn’t afford to miss.”  – Dylan

How He Asked!

Dylan worked with Allie’s dad to come up with one of the most memorable nights of Allie’s life. It all started with a tour of Vulcan, the iconic park and breathtaking overlook of downtown Birmingham. Then, Dylan got down on one knee with the city of Birmingham behind him and asked the love of his life to marry him. After Allie and Dylan agreed that spending the rest of their lives together sounded like a great idea, Dylan took Allie to a local restaurant where she got her favorite dish of all time – chicken parmigiana. During dinner, Dylan revealed that there was even MORE planned for their already exciting evening. Back at Allie’s parent’s home, a full house of family and friends were ready to celebrate the engagement. It was truly a night to remember for Allie, Dylan, and those that they love most.


We can’t wait to share more of our amazing proposal stories right here on our blog!

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