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Men’s Warehouse vs The Black Tux

Which men’s clothing rental company is the best for your wedding or next event? The companies Men’s Warehouse and The Black Tux are two of the leading National choices for suit and tux rentals. While Men’s Warehouse has been around for quite some time, the Black Tux is new to the online suit and tux rental industry. So, which option is best for you and your wedding? We wanted to break down each company and share which is our choice: Men’s Warehouse vs The Black Tux.

Men’s Warehouse

Men’s Warehouse is a household name in the suit and tux business with over 700 stores across the United States. Chances are, there is a location near you. Every store has tailors that are available to measure and determine the best cut and size for your wedding day. It seems like the perfect place to get your groomsmen’s suits or the perfect ensemble for the groom. Especially for those with members of the wedding party across the country, you can count on a location close to each of them. With vast locations and a team to measure the perfect fit, they are a good option.

Men’s Warehouse also has countless inventory and options to find the perfect look for your wedding day! If they don’t have the style in store they will work with you to find the perfect style and fit, which is not always possible with online, at other stores, or through other shopping experiences.

The Black Tux

One of the newest suit and tux rental companies, The Black Tux, is revolutionizing the online and retail suit and tux rental business. The way it works is you create an online profile through their website and take their custom-fit survey. Then their algorithm does the work, so you don’t have to awkwardly measure yourself or ask a friend for help. It takes only five minutes and it gives you the sizes you are most likely to wear.

At first, this can sound terrifying and a little daunting that an online survey is all you need to get the perfect fit for your wedding day. So, they have Home Try-On options where you can try the suit or tux on and adjust the sizing for free.

But, what is so unique about The Black Tux is their EARLY DELIVERY, FREE REPLACEMENTS policy. If you rent, your order will arrive 14 days before your event. However, If you buy it, your order will ship immediately. Either way, when your order arrives, try it on and let them know how it fits. If it doesn’t fit you keep the original and they send you a new size. After your event, you ship it all back together. However, If you want a tailor to take measurements in person, they have stores in Nordstrom locations across the country.

Another way the Black Tux is changing the industry is through the quality of the suits and tuxes. The Black Tux uses the best Italian fabric mills to design modern, high-quality suits and tuxedos made of 100% merino wool, with full-canvas construction. They are made using natural materials, including 2-ply cotton shirts, silk ties, and real leather shoes.


The Black Tux suitPhotograph by: Taylor Dane Photography

Men’s Warehouse vs The Black Tux

Both of these companies seem like solid choices, but for us, there is a clear winner. For our wedding, we chose The Black Tux for our rental experience, and we thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. From the Home Try-On to the quality and delivery of the suits. We highly recommend the experience to our couples. We chose The Black Tux over Men’s Warehouse because of the 14 day period before the wedding to fix any size issues, and I am so glad we did! Madison and I loved our experience so much we bought the suit after the wedding!

Whatever you decide on your rental company, we strongly encourage you to try on the suit or tux as soon as you get it. We were told a story where the groom never tried on his suit until the day of the wedding. There was a mistake in the order and it did not fit. Whichever company is best for your needs, they will be able to help you in a situation like this. Just please try the suit on as soon as possible to avoid unwarranted stress!


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