August 9, 2019

Nashville Wedding Videographer: Husband and wife team

Nashville Wedding Videographer

Hunter and I wanted to take a moment and share a little update into who we are as a Nashville Wedding Videographer team! We are a husband and wife wedding videography duo based in Nashville, TN, also serving Birmingham, Alabama. We are simply two people madly in love with each other. Hunter and I both have adventurous, southern souls that long for excitement, but always come back home to Nashville, TN. When we aren’t telling love stories, we are cuddling with our dog and planning our next adventure.

Hunter and I met in kindergarten and are the best thing that has ever happened to one another! We are childhood friends, turned high-school sweethearts. Hunter and I love to travel and explore the world, usually with cameras in hand.  Some of our favorite places have been Banff, Moab, London, and Ireland. Our love story is very special, and we believe that is one reason we love wedding filmmaking so much; we have the honor of telling each couple’s love story!

~ Madison

Our History

Madison and I met in kindergarten, and we grew up in a small Alabama town. We went to school together through high school and then we went to separate Colleges. Madison went to Mississippi College in Clinton, MS to study Nursing, and I moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University where I studied Multimedia Production. With an avid love to tell stories, our wedding videographer company was born. Madison has a background in photography, so with my video experience we make the perfect wedding videography duo.  When we graduated from College, we knew we wanted to move the company from Birmingham to Nashville. In February 2019, that became a reality!

~ Hunter

We Got Married

In June, Hunter and Madison got married and officially moved to Franklin, TN where Hunter is full time with Morgan Film Co. while Madison is employed as a Nurse at St. Thomas Rutherford.

Hunter and Madison feel blessed with so many amazing opportunities, as Madison gets to pursue her nursing career while she also pursues her passion as half of their wedding company. Madison is thankful she and Hunter have had the opportunity to serve so many medical professionals through our company. They look forward to meeting new couples and showcasing their unique love stories as Nashville Wedding Videographers!

Nashville Wedding Videographer | Morgan Film Co.

Photograph: Taylor Dane Grater

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