Flodesk vs. Mailchimp

Email marketing is still alive, effective, and important in 2021. Reaching your customers and clients is more important than ever before, but as the email space gets more and more crowded email marketers must find a way to stand out. There are so many email platforms on the market today from ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Flodesk, etc. Today we are going to be sharing the pros and cons of Flodesk vs. Mailchimp. But, before we do that we want to share why email marketing is still relevant in 2021.

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Why email marketing is relevant in 2021

  1. First, the mobile-first email design is crucial to your success. According to Litmus, over 54% of emails are opened on a mobile device, and in some markets, this is even greater.
  2. Email marketing is still easy to quantify its effectiveness. You can track clicks, conversions, and sales.
  3. It’s affordable! Building an email list is one of the most affordable ways to reach new and existing customers.
  4. It’s targeted! You can say what you want directly to your potential customers and have varying stages of emails based on the customer journey.
  5. Finally, in a recent Hubspot survey, 91% of consumers use email, so your potential customers are ready to be reached.

So, for these reasons, it’s time to determine which platform is best to create, send, and measures your email campaigns.


Mailchimp vs Flodesk

Mailchimp really is one of the leading email marketing tools in the world. By no means are we going to create a complete comprehensive list of MailChimp features, we are going to touch on some of the biggest!

Mailchimp Amazing Features

  1. A Drag and Drop Builder with pre-designed templates.
  2. Marketing Automation to follow up with customers or potential customers.
  3. Robust API and SMTP for order confirmations and so much more!
  4. A vast array of over 270 Integrations to take your email and business to the next level.
  5. Mailchimp is not only an email platform but can function as so much more.
  6. Mailchimp offers a free tier, but for larger email lists or advanced settings, you will need to upgrade.

Mailchimp email marketing

Mailchimp’s Pitfalls

  1. Creating forms is clunky, time-consuming, and in our opinion, a lot of the emails just turn out ugly knowledge of CSS and a lot of tweaks.
  2. Mailchimp is not user friendly for the average user.
  3. Mailchimp is complex from a back-end systems perspective.


Flodesk vs. Mailchimp

Flodesk is the “new kid on the block” when it comes to email marketing and as of writing this email they are still in “beta mode.” What really sets them apart from its competitors is Flodesk is designed with beauty at the forefront of the platform.

Flodesk’s Amazing Features

  1. Flodesk makes designing emails easy and fun!
  2. Flodesk is simple, intuitive, and doesn’t require any coding knowledge.
  3. The templates are trendy and in style.
  4. They offer a free one-month trial for new users.
  5. Flodesk integrates with Shopify, Zapier, Facebook, Instagram, Type Form, WordPress, and Slack.
  6. Flodesk has one price ($38/month or $418/yr) and it has UNLIMITED SUBSCRIBERS. Once you subscribe you are locked into the rate for the life of your subscription. If you sign up for Flodesk here, you will save 50% off your subscription making the price $19/month or $228/yr. Note: If you already have a free trial enter the code: MORGANFILMCO at checkout.
  7. Connect your brand colors, so your emails are consistent with your brand.

Flodesk email marketing

Flodesk’s Pitfalls

  1. Flodesk lacks a lot of integrations that the other larger and more developed platforms have.
  2. Flodesk does not have a free tier.
  3. If you are migrating from another platform your email list must be approved by the Flodesk team, and you must show how the people opted-in to the list. This isn’t so much of an issue, but it does take some time.
  4. Flodesk does not have a large variety of templates (they do seem to be expanding this).
  5. The templates are great, but some users might want more flexibility.

Flodesk vs. Mailchimp

Flodesk vs. Mailchimp? Which email marketing platform is best for you and your business in 2021?

Which email marketing platform is best for you is truly based on your business and email marketing needs. For us, we are a small business operating in the wedding and event space and do not need the complex features of Mailchimp. We fell in love with the Flodesk interface and the ease of use to design beautiful converting emails to share with our past clients and potential customers.

Interested in trying Flodesk? Signup to receive 50% off your subscription! If you already have a free trial use the code: MORGANFILMCO to receive the discount. 

With that said, Flodesk may not be the answer to your email marketing needs. If you run an e-commerce site or are a large business needing complex email needs, personally I would suggest Flodesk is not right for you. As a company that is still in beta, I know they have a lot of features planned, but there is no set timeline for any updates to the platform.

Flodesk was built for small businesses to simplify email marketing, so users could create beautifully and converting emails with ease. If you are a start-up, mid-size or enterprise business, get in touch with Flodesk, as they do offer custom plans as well.

The bottom line is to do what is best for you, and your business. Try Flodesk on a free trial. Sign up for Mailchimp and see which platform you like better and fits the unique needs of your business. Our goal today was not to say which one is the answer for your business but to share what we believe are the best and worst features of Flodesk and Mailchimp.

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