Documenting more than a wedding

We have the honor of documenting weddings. Documenting such a monumental occasion has a weight and reverence that is unparalleled. Yes, it is our job, but it is one we take seriously; it feels like a calling. 

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Flodesk vs. Mailchimp

Email marketing is still alive, effective, and important in 2021. Reaching your customers and clients is more important than ever before, but as the email space gets more and more crowded email marketers must find a way to stand out. There are so many email platforms on the market today from ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Flodesk, etc. […]

Flodesk vs. Mailchimp

Nashville Airbnb


4 Beautiful Airbnbs in East Nashville


Clementine Wedding

Musicbed vs Soundstripe vs Artlist: Music Licensing Companies in 2021

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Wedding Party with dogs

When a couple trusts us to capture their wedding there is a deep responsibility that we carry to tell their unique story and capture their beautiful wedding. For us, we do not take this lightly. We both want to create the best possible wedding film because we are creating a way for our clients to […]

The Ultimate Wedding Videography Guide


Book More Weddings Course

Book More Weddings: The Course that Changed our Wedding Business