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Burdoc Farms

Burdoc Farms is a breathtaking wedding and event venue nestled in western Kentucky! Burdoc Farms has been a family-owned property for over seventy-five years, and it encompasses just over 650 acres of lush fields and forest. The farm was originally a tobacco and cattle farm, producing national champion Shorthorn Beef Cattle in the ’60s. However, when Keith and Sara Shepherd took over the operations they had a very different vision for the property. In the ’90s the farm was converted to a conservation farm, focused on timber management, wildlife habitat, recreation, and agri-tourism.

Weddings at Burdoc Farms

Weddings at Burdoc Farms started in 2012 with the conversion of the equipment barn which is now known as The Chapel Barn. Once the Chapel Barn was complete, the Tobacco Barn was then rehabilitated. What makes both of these facilities so unique is the Shepherd family rehabbed and recycled all materials in both barns to enhance and preserve the authenticity of the buildings.

In 2016 Burdoc farms added their second venue, a beautiful year-round facility with a 30-foot glass wall, natural stone features, and wood accents, all taken from the farm and incorporated in the design of the building.

Ceremony and Reception Options

Burdoc Farms has beautiful ceremony options across the property from breathtaking views to under oak trees to church pews in the chapel barn! They have a ceremony spot that will fit your vision and dream for your wedding! In the event of inclement weather, the Chapel barn is the plan “B”.

The Chapel Barn is 4000 square feet of natural beauty! The barn features natural wood floors, wooden beams, a tin roof, and Edison string lighting. The chapel also has old church pews and a beautiful arch perfect for a ceremony in any weather!

The Tobacco Barn has a more rustic but elegant approach for your wedding reception. This 4000 square foot barn features five grand crystal chandeliers and Edison bulb string lights. The barn also has as a deck on the back where guests can relax on handmade pallet furniture that overlooks the pond. Off the deck is one of the most unique features at Burdoc Farms. There is a beautiful patio area that provides additional space for your guest to hang out and relax (perfect for a cocktail hour). On the patio is a 150-year-old fireplace that was found on the family farm back in the ’50s.

Keith Glen is the newest addition to Burdoc Farms with a modern and industrial space. The venue is nestled in the woods with a 30-foot wall of windows that face the pond. Keith Glen features several chandeliers, string lights, a copper bar top, natural wood farm tables, and a natural stone fireplace. We love the modern vibe of Keith Glen!

All events at the Tobacco Barn include the use of these vintage props and decor:

  • Church Pews & White Folding Chairs for 165
  • 18 Round Tables
  • 2 Banquet Tables
  • 150 Champagne Colored Chiavari Chairs
  • Antique Doors
  • Metal Arbor/Arch
  • Old Wood Spools (3)
  • Wash Tub
  • Claw Bathtub
  • Tree Stumps
  • Whisky Barrels-Tobacco Barn & Keith Glen
  • 2 Staff Members to work your event

All events at the Keith Glen include the use of these vintage props and decor:

  • 15 Long Wood Farm Tables
  • 150 Natural Wood Chairs
  • Whisky Barrels
  • Benches for 120 & an additional 50 White Folding Chairs & Wooden Arbor/Arch on ceremony platform
  • 2 Staff Members to work your event

Visit Burdoc Farms

So, if you want to learn more about touring or planning a wedding at Burdoc Farms click here to learn more and schedule your visit today! Let us know if you have any questions about this beautiful venue, and if you are still looking for a videographer for your wedding, we would love to talk with you!

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