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Aldridge Gardens Wedding

Aldridge Gardens is one of our favorite Birmingham wedding venues, but it really is more than a wedding venue. Aldrige Gardens is a sanctuary, Birmingham’s hidden gem, a place for people to reconnect with nature. The gardens were first just a dream of Eddie Aldridge and his father. “When I first met Kay, we would walk around the gardens and talk about my father’s vision for the property to one day become a public garden,” Eddie wrote in his memoir. “She never questioned my dream to fulfill this vision.”

Aldridge Gardens Wedding

The History of Aldridge Gardens

Eddie and Kay built this vibrant retreat within a rapidly growing city with a dream that one day it would become a publicly owned space for people to escape and reconnect with nature. The City of Hoover officially began the process of making the garden’s public in the 1990s fulfilling Eddie’s dream.

The gardens are full of meandering walking paths, scattered streams, and ever-changing floral features, the gardens are meant to be experienced, Weaver, The director of Aldridge Gardens says. The landscape continues to evolve each year—growing the legacy that the Aldridges planted so many years ago. The gardens are not only known for the oasis hidden within the city of Hoover but are home to the world-renowned Snowflake Hydrangea. A hydrangea patented by Eddie Aldridge.

Aldridge Gardens, still owned and subsidized by the City of Hoover, still captures the personal presence of Eddie and Kay’s family home. “It’s a unique experience to feel like you’re strolling the grounds of someone’s private oasis. It’s a very tranquil, peaceful setting that allows you to sort of escape from all that stuff out there.” Weaver says.

An Aldridge Gardens Wedding

With such a unique property hidden within a bustling city, many Birmingham area residents don’t even know it exists, but those who do cherish it. With 30 acres of gardens, there are plenty of different spaces for your dream wedding. When Madison and I were looking for a place to get married in Birmingham we considered a lot of wedding venues in the area, but for us, the magic and connection to the gardens kept drawing us back. On June 15, 2019, surrounded by our closest family and friends we said, I Do, in front of the beautiful Arbor with blooming hydrangeas on both sides, and we shared private vows on the property.

The gardens will always be open and available to the public just as Eddie and Kay dreamed of back in the early ’90s, so we have the opportunity to visit the spot where we got married time and time again. Which, is something not every couple has the ability to do. The gardens are special to us in so many ways, and we hope they will become special to you as well!

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Wedding Ceremonies at Aldridge Gardens

The Arbor – Accommodates 200-250 guests

The Arbor has a beautiful and classic wedding look. It has hydrangeas planted on both sides of the arbor which bloom in early June.

The Arbor at Aldridge Gardens

Aldridge Gardens Wedding

Gingko Tree – Accommodates 200-250 guests

Shade Garden Lawn – Accommodates up to 85 guests

The shade garden is perfect for an intimiate wedding or elopement.

The Shade Garden at Aldridge Gardens

Pavilion – Accommodates up to 200 guests standing or 150 seated.

This space is a beautiful spot for your wedding ceremony or a great “rain plan” in the event you had inclimate weather on your wedding day.

Lakeside Accommodates up to 250

The Lakeside is a beautiful grassy spot for your wedding ceremony if you are wanting a lake in the background!

Lakeside in the Woods – Accommodates up to 180 guests

The Lakeside in the Woods is perfect if you are having a smaller wedding and want to have an outdoorsy/woods vibe for your ceremony. This spot looks out over the lake.

Under the Pines – Accommodates 200-250*

Patio – Accommodates up to 70

Camellia Garden with Pergola – Accommodates up to 150 standing or 130 seated

Wedding Receptions at Aldridge Gardens

The Pavilion

The Pavilion is a covered open-air facility with lighting and fans. A small amphitheater with café lighting provides additional seating and the shade garden lawn area may be used as well. A catering kitchen and public restrooms are located nearby.

The Pavilion at Aldridge Gardens

The Aldridge House

The Kay and Eddie Aldridge Art and Historical Museum opens to a large brick patio and offers a spectacular view of the 6-acre lake. The rotating art gallery features artworks of noted local and national artists and is the home of a large collection of Frank Fleming sculptures. Also, the Aldridge Museum features hardwood floors, an antique fireplace, and the bride’s room.

A few things to note when planning your wedding from the Aldridge Gardens Staff:

  • “Aldridge Gardens is a public garden and as such may not be closed to visitors during normal operating hours. We reserve the right to have special events on display in the areas of the Gardens not typically used for weddings and receptions. Rented areas will be off limits to the public and privatized during your event.”
  • “A uniformed Police Officer is required for all events choosing to serve alcohol or exceeding 150 guests. Aldridge Gardens handles the hiring of the police officer and will include their fee in your final invoice.”
  • “Security is required at all rental events. The fee for one officer is included in the rental fee for the first 150 guests.”
  • “All food, beverage, and bar service must be furnished by an Aldridge Gardens approved caterer. No food or beverage may be brought into the Gardens by the User/User’s guests; however, celebratory cakes (birthday, wedding, etc.) may be brought in by an outside source.”

Aldridge Gardens Wedding

So, if you want to learn more about touring the Gardens or planning a wedding at Aldridge Gardens click here to learn more and schedule your visit today! Let us know if you have any questions about this beautiful venue, and if you are still looking for a videographer for your wedding, we would love to talk with you!

These photographs were taken by Taylor Dane Photography at our Wedding