Soundstripe vs. Musicbed for Wedding Videography

As Nashville based wedding filmmakers, we have the task of choosing the best possible music for our wedding films while keeping costs down and quality as high as possible. The two music licensing services we have utilized to find that perfect song are Musicbed and Soundstripe. After many weddings, we have decided Soundstripe is definitely the service for us. However, we do not simply want to tell you we love one over the other, but we want to tell you why. First, we will break down the qualities we were searching for in music licensing services and then we will explain why we chose Soundstripe as our company of choice.

Soundstripe vs Musicbed

High-Quality Music

We were looking for a company that provided high-quality music, which is one quality that both Musicbed and Soundstripe share. However, while Musicbed has more mainstream music and better tracks overall, Soundstripe possesses a strong library that is constantly being added to.

Music Licenses

The music license strength was also important to us. We were looking for a company that allowed our licenses to be used in films published on websites, such as LoveStories TV, and other blogging platforms. However, Musicbed only allows films containing their music to be uploaded on Youtube and Vimeo platforms and publishing films on any other public site could violate the music license terms.

Note: This can be avoided by having the Business Subscription on Musicbed.

Customer Service

Customer service was also a major focus for us. We are choosing music which will be placed in a wedding film that will be cherished for years to come. This is an important job and Soundstripe has a team willing to help you find the perfect song or answer questions deal regarding legal issues of copyright and music licensing.


Finally, we were looking for a company that would be the most cost-effective for our business without sacrificing quality, licenses, or customer service. We knew this was a tall order, but Soundstripe did not disappoint.


For us, Soundstripe was an easy decision. For only $135 per year, we have access to unlimited song licenses and custom playlists from every genre. We decided we loved this company so much, we made the decision to upgrade to the Soundstripe Premium. Soundstripe Premium offers us access to 20,000+ sound effects and songs with stems. We love using stems because they allow us to remix and customize music for our films. One other perk we love about Soutstripe Premium is we get access to pre-released songs. This access allows us to hear new music before they hit the main libraries.

Overall, Soundstripe has been one of our best investments. For each film, we hand-select the song(s) to fit the couple. They have allowed us to do this in an effective and cost-efficient manner. While we believe Musicbed offers its clients quality music, we have found our Soundstripe is a better fit for us! 


2020 Music Licensing Update:

Since we have written this article we have used a lot of the available tracks in projects for our company, so we have sense subscribed to Musicbed. We love the quality of the tracks and the vast library it offers. Soundstripe is still an amazing company with extremelty talented artists!


If you are interested in joining the Soundstripe family, signup today and save 10% off your first month or year (depending on the payment plan you choose)!*

If you are interested in joining the Musicbed family, signup today and Get one Month FREE on any subscription!

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