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Bridesmaid’s Dress Timeline by Bella Bridesmaids

With the wedding business booming in Nashville, timing has become super important when thinking about wedding venues and vendors. As some venues and vendors book months or years in advance. So, when is the best time to buy your bridesmaid dress? We sat down with the owners of Nashville’s Bella Bridesmaids to share the best Bridesmaid’s dress timeline for finding and ordering the dresses. 

Beginning the search for the perfect Bridesmaids Dress

Six to nine months before the wedding is a great time to begin the process. Brides might not realize that the designers’ production schedules range from 12-20 weeks. So, by shopping at the right time, you can see all your options. Especially since styles change! The Bella Bridesmaid team goes to market twice a year, so new styles are being introduced. They also get updates for discontinued styles throughout the year. So coming in more than a year out from your wedding could mean that styles or colors have to be changed and so has the availability.

Finding Deals or Promotions

Pay attention to their website and social channels for big events, promotions, and launch parties. Throughout they get opportunities for discounts from designers. The Bella team also will keep in touch with you about these opportunities, to ensure that orders get placed within the window to take advantage of these deals.

Bella's Bridesmaid Nashville


This can seem like a lot to keep up with on top of wedding planning and life, however, once you come in for an appointment and sets up your personal virtual showroom, they keep up with the rest of the work to ensure the bridesmaid’s dress timeline runs smoothly.


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