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Why Wedding Videography is So Important

Today we wanted to explain why wedding videography is so important. While your wedding day is without a doubt one of the happiest days of your life, it is also one of the busiest days of your life! The flowers are gorgeous and your food is delicious, but the only thing you’ll get to take away from your wedding day (other than your awesome marriage of course!) are your photos, videos, and amazing memories. We decided to share our advice on why videography is so essential to capturing your wedding day!

It goes by so fast!

“At the end of every wedding we look at each other and say “Wow, that went by so fast” and the couple feels the same way! After the big day is over all that’s left is the memories of a perfect day that flew by. But, investing in a wedding videographer allows you to relive your special day forever.

Relive Your Ceremony

The most special part about your big day is without a doubt the ceremony. One of the best parts about a wedding ceremony is the special vows a couple shares. This is the moment two people commit to love and cherish each other forever. Having a videographer there to capture those precious words is so crucial and allows you to relive the emotions of that amazing moment forever on film. Something about hearing the words you spoke to your spouse years later is so special!

Feel the Emotion

In addition to capturing every moment on video, we also capture each emotion displayed on your wedding day. Wedding films add a unique and beautiful aspect to a wedding day! While we believe photography plays a very important part in capturing your wedding, we also know that wedding films are able to capture different emotions, giving you the best of both worlds!”

As Nashville Wedding Videographers we believe it is a privilege to capture and tell the story of your wedding day. That is why each of their films are hand-crafted and tailored to a couple’s unique personality! We have a hands-off (documentary style) approach to capturing weddings, and we let the love and emotion happen. This creates raw, genuine moments between our brides and grooms!

Be sure to contact us for your Nashville or Destination Wedding to book your date and capture every single moment of your big day.

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