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Maximizing Your Honeymoon Budget

Weddings can be expensive, so when it comes to honeymoon planning and budgeting a lot of couples want to maximize their honeymoon budgets. We took our travel expertise combined with wedding connections and knowledge to put together a series of blogs focusing on honeymoon planning, and maximizing your honeymoon budget.

Rewards Cards

First, we suggest becoming a member of a travel organization or club such as AAA. These organizations/clubs offer roadside assistance, travel discounts, etc. One of the biggest things that saved us hundreds of dollars was our AAA membership. These memberships save money on hotels and other accommodations, but they also offer discounts with Hertz car rentals. We were able to waive a young renter fee and get a 20% discount off of the main renting fee, just by being a member of a travel organization

Pre-pay (with caution) to Maximize Your Budget

A lot of times you can pre-pay and save when booking hotels and rental cars. Instead of paying when you arrive to your hotel or when you pick up your rental car you have the option in most instances to pay in advance. This can end up saving you hundreds of dollars. By pre-paying for our rental car we saved a good bit of money, but we suggest pre-paying with extreme caution. When you pre-pay for a hotel or rental car you basically waive your right to change your reservations, and if you can’t make the trip you will lose this money. So, just keep this in mind when pre-paying or considering pre-paying to save a little money.

Hotel/Accommodations Booking

We love finding amazing places to stay while we are on vacation sometimes it is a beautiful resort, while other times it is a quaint Airbnb. Consider what you are wanting out of your honeymoon accommodations and let that dictate the style you lean toward. Often times you can save by booking through an Airbnb or VRBO style platform, but do your research before you book a house. Airbnbs and rental properties need to be legal and properly licensed to operate in your destination, so ask questions and be diligent.  Often times you may be able to even book directly with the home-owners depending on the situation. Airbnb has protections in place to protect the renter/user so you would be forfeiting this, but it can save the Airbnb fees.

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Credit Card Bonuses

We suggest paying for a portion of your wedding on credit cards. Take advantage of credit card bonuses or statement credits to maximize cashback and bonus savings. All companies generally offer an incentive to sign up but pay attention to the rewards of the card to see what is best for you. We have an American Express through Wells Fargo, a Discover It card, as well as a Citi Card through American Airlines (We will outline in detail the point bonuses we received in a future post). Both cards have strong rewards programs and we were able to save over $1200 toward our honeymoon through credit card points and statement bonuses.


We wrote a whole blog focused on tracking and finding cheap flights. You can find the blog here.  The basic overview is to use a platform like Google Flights to track and monitor prices. Sign up for a service like Scott’s Cheap Flights or Dollar Flight Club. We suggest paying for the premium package to gain access to immediate flight sales, fare mistakes, destination and departure customization, etc. On average on an international flight, these companies can save over $500 on the average ticket price. For a detailed overview of how to maximize flight deals read our blog: Finding the best honeymoon flight deals.


If you have any other ideas or ways to maximize your honeymoon budget let us know in the comments! We wish you the best in maximizing the honeymoon budget.

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**Please note we are affiliates for Dollar Flight Club, Airbnb, and Discover. We do get a small payment when someone signs up using our code. We only will recommend companies we have used and love.**