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We love to take a moment to share with you some of the amazing wedding vendors we have had the opportunity to meet. Today we are introducing you to an amazing team of Nashville wedding planners formally known as Vision in White Events. We asked Alex Bovee, the owner and founder of Vision in White a couple of questions about wedding days and the planning process in order to help brides get to know vendors professionally and personally. Here is a little glimpse into Vision in White Events!

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  1. Give us some background into how Vision in White Events was started.

I worked at Disney for years and fell in love with the wedding pavilion they have. I eventually decided to move to Nashville and got my feet wet in planning with some local vendors and then started Vision in White in 2013!

  1. Why do you love planning weddings?

I really just love the way every couple is different. Some may be colorful while some may be mostly white. Some may want extravagant lighting and draping while others want it simple and casual. It’s fun to see all the planning come together, execute the day perfectly and see the happy couple at the end.

  1. What does a typical wedding week look like for the Vision in White Events team?

Wedding week starts with sending off the timeline and other documents to all vendors and the Vision in White team. That week is usually pretty quiet unless we are helping with welcome bags and getting those delivered. On Friday we have the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and gather any items the couple has that we need the next day. Day of we arrive when the venue opens and get started on set up. We check in with the wedding party regularly to make sure hair and makeup and photos are all on track. If we need to help orchestrate the first look, we do that and then the photographer takes over on photos. When ceremony time hits, we line everyone up and cue the music as they walk down the aisle. After that it’s reception time; keeping everything on track and making sure designated parties (toasters, parent dancers, etc) know that they’re event is coming up. At the end we load up all their gifts and decor, make sure the venue is cleaned up and go home to crash. It’s usually a 12-15 hour day on our feet.

  1. If you could plan a wedding anywhere in the world where would it be?

Oh goshhhhh, I’m a huge travel fan so it’s hard to pick just one place. Who wouldn’t want to plan a wedding in Italy though? That’s my pick.

  1. What is your favorite Nashville wedding venue?

That’s another tough one, there are so many good ones. We really enjoy Long Hollow Gardens, it’s beautiful and we work really well with the owners.

  1. If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

My pick for my next spot is Morocco, because I just got back from an amazing trip to Australia and New Zealand.

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