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Three Things You Should Look for in a Wedding Stationer

We love sharing wedding resources from some amazing wedding and event professionals. So, we spoke with Lauren Yvonne Design, a Phoenix Arizona wedding invitation designer, about what you should look for in a wedding stationer.  Lauren shared some amazing guidelines on things to consider!

Hello there! My name is Lauren and I am the owner of Lauren Yvonne Design. I’m so happy to talk about the three things
you should look for in a wedding stationer. There’s a big ocean of wedding invitations to swim through and doing a little
research before you reach out to a stationer will save you, and them, lots of time. Like every other aspect of your wedding,
invitations are just as important as the photographer, videographer, florist and every other vendor you choose. Wedding
invitations should not be an afterthought. Besides a website (which is really important), these are the 3 things I feel you
should look for when you begin your search for an invitation designer:

Their Design Aesthetic

First, the most important thing to look for in a wedding stationer is a finding design aesthetic that you love. Your wedding
invitations set the tone for your big day. They let guests know how formal, or informal your wedding is. You’ll want to look
for stationery that gives you, and your guests, a sense of what your wedding day will be all about. Are you going for a
modern and moody vibe? Do you really love flowers and want florals everywhere? Are you getting married on a
mountaintop and love the great outdoors? Is there a group of elements you want to combine to convey what you want to
say? Find a stationer whose portfolio has these elements and resonates with you and your wedding vibe. Their design
aesthetic should give you all the feels.

Their Process

Once you’ve found a wedding stationer that you love, you should check out their website to see if they talk about their
design process anywhere. This information should outline the steps included in the designer’s process from consultation,
to your deposit, all the way to the end where they ship the invitations to you. Since invitations are an investment, I feel it’s
important that the designer be transparent about this. Do they answer all of your questions? Is there an FAQ page that goes
further in-depth and answers any additional questions you have? Is there an email address you can use to contact them in
case you have questions that are not answered? If anything is not clear, you should definitely contact them to get more information.

The Investment

The third thing to look for in a wedding stationer is whether or not your budget will fit the stationer’s pricing. I know, it’s a
bummer to fall in love with something just to find out the cost of the invitations is too high for your budget. Somewhere on
their website or contact form they should, at the least, indicate an opening cost for their invitations. Look for an
“Investment” page or similar and see where their prices start. It is helpful if they list the cost, and what their minimum is.
That doesn’t mean that they will, though.

As an example, on my Investment Page, I list the average cost each client will invest per 100 invitations for both custom and semi-custom wedding invitations. I also note the cost per set for my minimum of 50 suites in the form of semi-custom invitation packages. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then contact them for pricing.

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