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The Best Wedding Registry

Amazon is one the most popular wedding registry, because of the vast selection of items couples can register for. However, it may not be the best solution, so we are breaking down which is the best wedding registry.

When we suggest registries to couples there are a few criteria we believe should be considered:

  • Ease of Use: Can your wedding guests easily access the company or website?
  • Ease of Ordering: Can your wedding guests order the gifts without too much hassle?
  • Locations: Can your older wedding guests buy the gift locally or order it in a store?
  • Dedicated Registry Site: Is there a dedicated registry program with the company?
  • Extra Discounts – After the wedding, a lot of registries will give couples a discount off the remaining items for a limited time or even added bonuses or perks.

Wedding Registry Choices:

  1. Amazon

    Amazon is an excellent choice for your wedding registry. From their ease of use to the simple ordering solutions (most people have an Amazon account), it makes the process simple for guests. They even have a dedicated wedding registry section to allow couples to create and monitor their gifts. However, the biggest drawback or issue with Amazon’s wedding registry program is guests must order online, and there are not enough Amazon stores across the country for guests to order in person or pick out the gifts at a store.

  2. Bed Bath & Beyond

    They are one of the most well-known wedding registry companies in the country, because of their massive presence in online and brick and mortar stores, so Bed Bath and Beyond is a great option to consider using as a wedding registry. Plus, you get 20% off everything left after your wedding!

  3. Wayfair

    Wayfair is a great option if you are needing furniture or major home accessories, but we only suggest registering with Wayfair if you are needing large home items. However, they do offer 20% off for six months after your wedding.

  4. Target

    Target is another registry option, but we found from our own personal wedding experience a lot of the times we registered for were discontinued or out of stock by the time our guests were looking to order.

  5. Crate & Barrel

    Crate and Barrel is another good option for home items if you are considering registering at other places too! They offer 15% off the remaining items (including furniture) after your wedding for 3 months. In addition to the discount after the wedding, they offer discounts to The Black Tux and Paper Source as well as bonus gifts.

  6. Williams Sonoma

    Williams Sonoma is a good place to register for nice kitchen appliances or home gadgets, and their registry also includes Pottery Barn and West Elm through their “The One” Program.

So, which wedding registry is right for you?

All of these options are great, but we suggest not limiting yourself to one company. We suggest at three places to give your guests options! Based on our research, we would suggest looking at Amazon’s Wedding Registry, William’s Sonoma’s Registry, and Bed Bath & Beyond. All three of these registry options give your guests the most variety, while still making it simple and easy to manage as a couple.