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Hey! We’re Hunter and Madison Morgan. We are just a couple of wedding videographers based in Nashville who are passionate about capturing your love story and creating a keepsake film of your special day!

We wanted to take a moment and tell you about how we became wedding videographers, what shaped us into who we are today, and how Morgan Film Co. was born. 

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The Beginning

Madison and Hunter met in kindergarten and are the best thing that has ever happened to each other! We are childhood friends, turned high-school sweethearts who both grew up in a small, one stop light town in central Alabama. This history is at the core of who we are. We have a love for cute towns, Sonic (yep, it was the cool spot in high school) , and adventures on Hunter’s family farm.

After high school Hunter moved to Nashville to pursue video production, and Madison moved to Jackson, Mississippi to pursue nursing. Even though we were 442 miles (whose counting??), a 4 hour flight, or a 6.5 hour car ride away, we used the distance to grow closer together. We have learned to cherish every moment we have together. It has not always been easy, but it has always been worth it.  

Growing up we both had a desire and love to explore the world around us. So, we combined two of our favorite things: photography and travel! We have been to some amazing places, and we have loved documenting the beautiful sights! Some of our favorite places we have travelled are Banff, Moab, London, and Ireland. 

The Business

With our desire to travel, unique love-story, passion for capturing precious moments, we decided to launch 65 South Productions. Over the past two years we have shot twenty weddings, and have had the opportunity to work with amazing couples and vendor teams. 

As we began looking into the future, we decided it was time for a change. So, Hunter proposed on September 3, 2017, with the goal of creating a husband and wife wedding filmmaking team. We wanted to produce films that combined southern charm with the elegance and class of beautiful filmmaking. So, we launched Morgan Film Co. with a focus on creating wedding films “for the southern soul.” For us, wedding filmmaking is so much more than showing up to a wedding. Instead we see it as hand-crafting a wedding film that will last generations. Once the cake has been eaten, your dress has been put away, and the music has faded, your wedding film will allow you to relive those moments. We love telling beautiful stories of adventurous couples, and we can’t wait to see where your love will take us next!

Our love story is very special, and we believe that is one reason we love wedding filmmaking so much; we have the honor of telling each couple’s love story as if it were our own!

Over the past two years we have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Morgan Film Co. 


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