June 29, 2020

Musicbed vs Soundstripe vs Artlist:Music Licensing Companies in 2020

Musicbed vs Soundstripe vs Artlist: A Guide to Music Licensing Companies in 2020

We are doing a quick review of three main current music licensing companies for wedding videographers, filmmakers, & creative industry professionals – and how you can get a discount on all of them. (Yes, there will be affiliate links in this article, but don’t worry – any of these 3 options will be just fine for you and your business.)

All of these companies provide a great service and content, It’s just a matter of figuring out what’s the best fit for YOU and your business(es).

First, I want to say, what makes amazing music licensing companies in 2020 is content availability, style of the content, price/subscription model, and the licensing terms.

Artlist, Soundstripe, and Musicbed are all great options, it’s just a matter of choosing the best one for you. The best music licensing company for YOU is highly dependent on your unique business, the videos you create, the content you aim to put out, the clients you reach, etc.

Now, let’s talk about the 3 different companies: Musicbed vs Soundstripe vs Artlist. I will be breaking it down into Library, Licensing Terms, Pricing



Musicbed is known as the one of the premier, if not the premier music licensing company with over 10,000 songs available in their library, adding new music weekly. They have amazing filters to sort and find the perfect track for your project. They even have custom-curated playlists by leading filmmakers.


Musicbed’s licensing is based on the subscription tier you pay for, or the price you pay for the song. In their subscription model, you pay a monthly fee and get unlimited licenses from their library, and the majority of these licenses are single-use perpetual licenses. Note, not all songs are available in the subscription model. They are working to make more and more songs available every single week. The subscription tier and price per song determine the terms of usage for that song. Ex: In the basic tier you can post on Youtube, but cannot advertise on Facebook. See their terms for the full details!


Musicbed offers a subscription-based model as well as a pay per song model ($49.99+ at the time of writing this article). The full pricing can be found here:

Musicbed Pricing

Musicbed has integration with Spotify playlists to find and follow Musicbed artists!

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Soundstripe is fairly new to the music licensing world, and as of January (2020) has over 4,000 songs, 35,000 sound effects, and over 1,000 audio stem files. They even offer filters to find the perfect track for your project! Soundstripe also has libraries that sort music by style and hot tracks for specifics types of projects, ie. Advertising, Wedding Filmmaking


Soundstripe grants you unlimited music licenses from the songs in our audio library with your subscription. Each license is a single-use, perpetual license, meaning you have permission to use each individual song in a project forever. The license doesn’t expire — even if you cancel your membership. Soundstripe is different from Musicbed because they have no restrictions on how you can use your licenses. So, the music track can be used on broadcast TV, social media, advertising, Youtube, and more!

Soundstripe Pricing

Soundstripe offers a subscription-based model as well as a pay per song model ($39.95). The full pricing can be found here:

Soundstripe Pricing

Finally, one thing that really makes Soundstripe Unique is a Plug-ins through Premiere Pro and Fram.io. The Premiere Pro plug-in makes finding, downloading, and licensing music for your projects even easier.

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Artlist is another great place to find that music track for your next big project. Artlist’s library is constantly growing every single month, and it consists of over 8,000 songs. The library focuses on full-length tracks and sound effects!


Artlist is a subscription-based model where you get unlimited song downloads. The subscription provides you a lifetime license for the songs you download, and this license covers any project with a video element(s). Note: There are some technicalities that allow Artlist’s music to appear in audio-only forms, like a podcast or radio ad with film audio from a video scene where an Artlist song is in use. However, the company’s licensing terms of use only allows the music for video production. So, pay close attention to the licensing terms.


Artlist offers a sound effects option, a music-only option, and a subscription that includes both sound effects and music! Find the full pricing breakdown of what is included below:

Artlist Pricing

Artlist doesn’t offer any additional integrations like Musicbed or Soundstripe.

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A Review of the Music Licensing Companies

Which company is the right choice for you? That ultimately is something you will need to decide. Personally, we have tried each company and we like certain aspects of each. We love Musicbed for the consistent quality of music, from the overall production to the large library. Soundstripe and Artlist are amazing companies and they have fantastic libraries. Therefore, we encourage you to check out each company, dig through the library, and choose the music licensing company that works best for your company!

Did you find this comparison between Musicbed, Artlist, and Soundstripe helpful? You can find more tools we use for our business on our business resources page!

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