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Five Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer

Wedding planning is overwhelming. You are engaged, planning the biggest event of your lives with no real direction in who to hire, where to start, what is needed, and the main questions to ask your wedding vendors. We wanted to share five questions to ask your wedding videographer before you hire them!

To See Reviews

The very first thing you should look at when hiring a wedding videographer is reviews. You usually can find reviews on Google, Facebook, or their website. Website reviews are amazing but look for independent reviews on other platforms as well. If you don’t see reviews ask them for reviews from past clients! First-hand experience using their service is really important, especially when hiring someone to capture your wedding. 

Wedding film delivery time

Ask what their turn around time is after their wedding. Much like photographers, wedding videographers can get behind on editing and it can take some time to get your wedding films back after the big day. Ask them what their turn around time is usually, and what the max time it would take. For us, our contract states eight to twelve weeks, however, we usually deliver in four to six weeks. We add extra time in case we get behind and cannot deliver faster! By asking this you won’t be wondering when you will receive your film, and you’ll have something to look forward to! 

Do I get to pick the music?

This is probably the most common question we get asked as wedding videographers. “Do we get to pick the music.” This is a great question and it is an important one to ask. Understanding the laws and regulations your wedding videographer has to follow and setting expectations early in the process is very important. Some videographers allow couples to choose the music and some videographers do not. Without getting into the very specific issues with music in wedding films, I will share why this is very important. Video creators are required to follow and abide by music copyright laws. Because of these laws, videographers must pay for and license the music they use in their films. Not every song is available to be licensed and popular music can be $10,000 a license, so many videographers choose to pick the music themselves to simplify the process.  For us, we use a music licensing company called Musicbed to find and license our music. They have over 12,000 songs in their library and all of our couples rave over their films. 

Fellow Wedding Vendor Recommendations

Depending on where you are I’m the planning process you may be still looking to hire other wedding vendors. Chances are your wedding videographer will have some amazing recommendations! If you are looking to hire wedding vendors, but are unsure of who is the best, your vendors can help you with this process! 

To see their wedding films

Finally, we encourage couples to ask to see wedding videos. Depending on how wedding videographers set up their websites, many showcase their best work at the very top. This is amazing and a great way to showcase their work, but I encourage couples to dig deeper and watch multiple films. If they don’t have a lot of work on their website, ask to see more samples! A great way to see a videographer’s portfolio is also on their social accounts! Give them a follow and see their work! It helps you fully understand what you are paying for! 

If you are still on the fence about hiring a videographer, we share why wedding videography is so important! 

Are you interested in booking a wedding videographer for your wedding? We would love to talk with you! 


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