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Mathews Manor Fall Wedding

Fall weddings in Alabama are so beautiful. The weather is beautiful almost every weekend, and we get to see so many couples marry their best friends. Allyson and Cameron’s wedding at Mathews Manor in Springville, Alabama was no different.

“My wedding day was absolutely perfect! We were surrounded by our friends and family who love us more than we could ever imagine and we got to share our love with those around us on our day. We cried, smiled, laughed, and just had the best time!” – Allyson Ferguson {Bride}

How did you two meet?

Cameron and I had a few mutual friends in high school but we went to different schools. I remember Cameron and his dad attending Clearbranch UMC and he would sit in front of my family and I. I took the next step (as any 16 year old would do) and added him on Facebook (funny, I know). We began talking and then met up one afternoon in my parents driveway and have been together ever since. We have been together since I was 17 and he is my best friend.

How did he propose?

I had planned for some family pictures at Avondale park with my parents, sister, and Cameron (Cameron hates pictures), and we were supposed to go on a Sunday afternoon. We were eating lunch at Olive Garden the afternoon of our pictures, and I got a message that our pictures are needing to be moved to Morris Ave in downtown Birmingham because of an unplanned event in the Park that day. The pictures were the day before my birthday, and we were going to eat with both of our families afterwards.

We get to Morris Ave and his mom and sister are already there (we weren’t supposed to eat for another hour) but they live a good ways away, so I just figured they were early. Everyone strolled down Morris Ave taking pictures at various stops. We got to the end of Morris Ave where there is a beautiful ivy covered wall, and Cameron and I were taking our last picture when he got down on one knee in front of our families and asked me to marry him! It was such a surprise and absolutely perfect. He had contacted the photographers ahead of time and everyone knew but me!

What unique DIY elements did you include in your wedding at Mathews Manor?

I wanted to include pumpkins into my wedding because I am a Halloween baby and my mom always used to call me her little punkin. I also included a memorial table of all of our loved ones who have passed that we miss so much and wish that they could have been a part of our big day. My sister in law made us a beautiful trifold wooden board that we put pictures of us on from childhood to our dating years.

What was your favorite moment of your wedding day?

My favorite moment was seeing Cameron all dressed up for the first time. We have been together since we were 17 and I have seen him grow into such an amazing man of God and just seeing him in that suit, knowing I was about to start forever with my best friend was just the best feeling.

What is one piece of advice you would give to future brides to be?

RELAX!!!! It is only ONE day of your entire life. The ONLY thing that truly matters is that you and him are happy and enjoy yourselves. Don’t let the planning stress you out because it is not worth it. Don’t let any friends or family members stress you out because they are not worth it either believe or not.


The Amazing Vendor Team

Wedding & Reception Venue: Mathews Manor // Wedding Videography: Morgan Film Co. // Photographer: Leila Avant// Floral Designer: Mathews Manor // Entertainment: Puttin on the Ritz // Hair + Makeup: Cosmetics by Mackenzie // Cake Baker: Mathews Manor  // Catering: Mathews Manor

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