Maroo for your Wedding Business

Maroo is a payment processing company similar to the larger companies like Stripe, PayPal, and Square. However, what sets Maroo apart is that the platform is specifically designed for wedding industry professionals. The payment processing portion of running a wedding business hasn’t been really revolutionized or simplified and is a costly expense when accepting large payments. But Maroo has a mission to solve this problem and simplify the ways to accept payments all while being fee-free.

Maroo takes no fees for ACH bank transfers and debit card transactions. You can also choose to accept credit cards or not as well as who pays the fee. You have the option to pass on the credit card fee to your client or you can choose to absorb it as a “cost of doing business.”

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The Maroo Client Experience

Clients have the option to pay as a guest or create an account to save their payment information for the remaining balances. The platform uses PLAID an industry-leading secure integration tool that allows your client to securely connect their bank account.

The Fee Structure of Maroo vs Stripe vs PayPal vs Venmo vs Honeybook

So, let’s compare the overall structure to Stripe, PayPal, and Venmo for Business and see how Maroo compares.

Maroo Fee Structure


ACH – $0 Debit Card Fees – $0  Credit Card Fees $0


ACH – $5 Max Debit Card Fees – 2.9%+$0.30  Credit Card Fees 2.9%+$0.30

Venmo Business

ACH – NA Debit Card Fees – 1.9%+$0.10  Credit Card Fees – 1.9%+$0.10


ACH – NA Debit Card Fees – 2.9% Credit Card Fees – 2.9%


ACH – 1.5% Debit Card Fees – 3%  Credit Card Fees – 3%


Integrations with CRMs such as Tave, Honeybook, 17hats, and Dubsado.

Some of the more well-known payment processors have direct integrations with many of the major client management software and Honeybook has its own payment processor built-in. While Maroo does not currently have any direct integrations with a CRM they do have the option to integrate with Zapier. With this in mind, it just takes an additional step to integrate Maroo into your current workflow and client systems. It’s a simple added step to save the processing fees! All you need to do is develop an invoice in your CRM and send that to your client along with the link to pay using Maroo. The team’s goal at Maroo was to create a simple processing system that could work with any workflow so they even have the option to upload your invoice as an attachment in Maroo so the client can see the invoice in the same link to pay.

How long does it take to get paid?

Once your client has paid the money is in your bank within one business day. So, you no longer have to wait 3 days to weeks to get paid.

Can I pay my second shooters or assistants using Maroo?

Maroo also allows business-to-business payments so you can pay your second shooters, subcontractors, virtual assistants, or any other business you work regularly with. Maroo will even create 1099s for all of these payments for you!

We have been utilizing Maroo and have fallen in love with the simplicity of the platform, their customer service team, and no transaction fees!

It’s totally free to sign up, for and will always be free to use. You can signup here if you are interested in trying it out for your business.