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How to Change Your Legal Name in Tennessee

A common question we see from brides getting married is how to change their name after the wedding is over. So, we did some research into the process. Today we are sharing the steps to change your legal name in Tennessee.

*If you have questions please call the respective government agency. 

Change your legal name in Tennessee

Visit a Driver Service Center to change your name in Tennessee

First, you need to visit a Driver Service Center to make changes to your legal name. You will need your current license and the original or certified document showing the reason for the change. These documents must be an original or certified marriage certificate, or the original or certified copy of your divorce decree or the original court order.

Note, they may charge you a duplicate fee ranging from 8 dollars to 16 dollars. The fee will depend on the number of duplicates you’ve had and the type of license you have. All Certificate for Driving, Temporary Driver License and Temporary ID duplicates cost $19.50.

All of your documents must be originals or certified. Faxes or photocopies cannot and will not be accepted.

Marriage License/Certificate

When using your marriage license as a document, it must include the applicant’s full name and date of birth. Remember that this certificate must be the original or certified copy that is registered AFTER the marriage; NOT just the “license” authorizing the union.

We hope this article is helpful in explaining the process to change your name in Tennessee. We obtained our information from the Tennessee government website. For more information you can visit their website here.

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