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Tips to find your dream videographer!

Tips to find your dream wedding videographer!

A wedding film is an important investment and one you won’t regret! Wedding films capture the emotion and tell the story of the wedding day. Photos capture moments, but video captures so the emotion of the wedding day. We believe both are crucial to your wedding memories lasting for years to come.

Investing in your memories of your wedding is crucial to remember your special day, and we take that very seriously. We sat down and determined how to find the ideal videographer to capture your wedding day.

1. Investing in your memories is a huge investment. Our first tip is to read reviews and find a videographer who has experience. Your wedding is such an important moment it should be captured professionally and last for years to come. Find a videographer who is reputable and has reviews that back up their wedding films.

2. Find a videographer that fits the style of film you want and reach out to them. Everyone has different styles and different ways to capture weddings. Find a style you like, watch plenty of videos, and do not be afraid to ask questions.

3. Quality and Quantity are big areas that a lot of videographers focus on. Some businesses focus on the quality of the films and some focus on the number of films they produce. We highly suggest finding videographers who focus time on building strong relationships with their couples and who work hard to produce top of the line wedding films.

4. Find a videographer or team you connect with! You are going to be spending the majority of your wedding day with your photographer and videographer, so it is always best to mesh with them!

5. Finally, book someone who is easy to contact and is there for you! We believe wedding vendors should respond and be available to their couples. Response times and being available were big for us when we booked our videography team for our own wedding.

Your dream videographer should be one who you feel confident about capturing your wedding and preserving your memories!

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