We are sharing some of the services we use and products we love that have helped us grow our business and elevate our brand! These tools have allowed us to be successful and thrive as wedding videographers.

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We wanted to share the resources we have used to elevate our brand and give us success in the wedding videography business. First, we will share the basic business level services and resources we use, then we will go into more wedding videography specific resources! 

If you have any questions about any of these products or services, feel free to email us! info@morganfilmco.com

* Some of the products and services we discuss maybe affiliate links. We will only share products we are currently using and stand behind!

Business Tools



Dubsado is our favorite CRM on the market, and it serves as the lifeline of our business! We love the robust power behind the platform, the ease of use, the community, and the support staff. No other CRM on the market has a support and team that compares to Dubsado. They are amazing!

Favorite Features:
Client Management
A Built-In Scheduler
Automation and Workflows

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We love Dubsado so much!

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Flodesk is changing the way with beautiful email marketing!
We switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk and we couldn't be happier! At only $19/month (with a discount code) it is a steal! There are no caps on subscribers, the email templates are beautiful, and the team is constantly adding and improving the platform!

Favorite Features:
No Subscriber Caps
Beautiful Landing Pages
Amazing Opt-Ins!
Stunning Templates!

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We love Flodesk so much!

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The Law Tog

TheLawtog is an excellent resource for anyone looking for contracts, addendums, or advice on ways to legally protect your wedding business! From model releases to full blown contracts, the LawTog is the best resource for wedding professionals and legal advice!
(*Aside from your local attorney).

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Learn more about The Lawtog! The Photography and Videography industry’s only legal go-to resource to help photographers protect and defend their business.

Elevate Course

By far this is the BEST INVESTMENT we have made into our business. The tools we have shared so far are very important in the way we run our business, but this course is what propelled us to the successful company we are today. Without Kyle and his determination we would not be where we are today! We have a 60x ROI on this Investment!

Our Favorite Topics Covered:
Website Design/Conversion
Client Communications

Learn More!

We love Kyle and his course so much!

If you want to sign up or learn more click the link below!

Business Coaching

If you are looking to invest in a business coach, look no further than Kyle Goldie. He is the real deal, and we are so blessed to have worked with him. He knows the wedding and event business inside and out, and he is proven to help you reach your dreams and goals!

Kyle currently offers a 1 hour coaching call, VIP Coaching, and Elite Coaching. 


We are big fans of Showit! We love the platform, the community, and the ease of use. We switched from Squarespace and we are so happy with our decision. Not only are we able to have a beautiful and customizable website, but we have full control, the power of Wordpress Blogging, and easy to implement SEO tools at our finger tips!

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SHOwit Templates

After all, we are big fans of Showit! We have two designers who we really love!
The first are web designers and brand experts, Davey and Krista! Davey and Krista are two of the kindest and genuine people you will ever meet! They have an amazing design company, and Davey hosts Brands That Book an excellent podcast available anywhere you consume podcasts! 
The second designer is our business coach Kyle Goldie! Kyle takes his knowledge of conversion, SEO, and years of experience to develop beautiful templates! 

Both of these designers have years of experience in the wedding industry and produce beautiful templates! Take a look at their work at the links below!

Davey and Krista

Kyle Goldie

LEarn More!

Davey & Krista

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Ready to get out of the word-of-mouth grind and start building a system that drives steady inquiries? One that boosts your brand and gets you in front of the right people? Well, you’re in the right place…


The Inquiry System Course


Musicbed is the best resource for music licensing for weddings, events, commercial, and private video work. From the high quality tracks to an endless selection of music, Musicbed is our go to source for audio for our highlight, short films, and corporate video.

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