Birmingham has some of the best wedding planners in the country. From amazing design expertise to managing large events, these planners have the skill, vision, and experience to bring your wedding dreams to life!

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You want to get married in Birmingham, and you are looking for the best wedding planners in Birmingham! 

We are wedding videographers who have had the privilege to work with some of the best wedding planners in the world right here in Alabama. If you are looking for a wedding planner to help make you wedding dreams come true then you are in the right place! 

We will share you the best planners, what sets them apart, and some things to consider when planning a wedding in the Magic City! 

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Wedding Planner Directory

Becky's Brides
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Elizabeth Carlisle Events
Handley Breaux Designs
Magnolia Vine Events
M. Elizabeth Events

Becky's Brides

We plan flawless, Southern weddings in Birmingham, AL and beyond. We are passionate about helping our couples craft a beautiful wedding day while they focus on the foundation of the most important thing: their marriage.

Our mission is to serve our brides by delivering a joyful wedding planning experience. 

Favorite Birmingham Wedding Venues: Pursell Farms, Birmingham Museum of Art, Regions Field, Aldridge Gardens, Birmingham Country Club.

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Becky's Brides

Becky's Brides has a focus on providing an unforgettable experience through a superior client service and timeless design. Their ideal wedding is one that really showcases their clients' personalities. Weddings with timeless designs with strong personal aspects are their favorites!

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Elizabeth Carlisle Events

Elizabeth Carlisle Events is a wedding planning and coordinating company focused on servicing a wide range of needs for brides in Birmingham, AL and beyond. 

What sets us apart is our process! I believe in having a strong and consistent plan of action that focuses on staying organized and building lasting relationships with my brides and fellow vendors. 

Favorite Birmingham Wedding Venues: Vestavia Country Club, Iron City Birmingham, Bridgestreet Gallery & Loft and The Club. 

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Elizabeth Carlisle Events

My ideal wedding is one that perfectly exudes who the bride and groom are and their love for each other. No wedding is the same and each is uniquely designed to fit the couple being celebrate.

This is why I love working with all types of brides, because each one brings a new and different vision for her big day.

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Magnolia Vine Events

Magnolia Vine Events' mission is to deliver a heartfelt planning experience so you have a heart-filled wedding day. Joyful, happy celebrations that reflect our couples story are our specialty. We will be your organized, go-getter attitude, “can’t wait to design and pull your wedding details together,” planner. A well-run wedding day is the completion to all of our work together throughout your planning process.

Weddings have a unique ability to bring families and friends together and create lasting memories, and that is what are there to facilitate. We do this by incorporating details into the day that tell the couple's story and doing all we can to make wedding days as stress-free as possible.

Favorite Birmingham Wedding Venues: Pursell Farms, Haven, B&A Warehouse, The Barn at Shady Lane, Aldridge Gardens, Vulcan Park, Vestavia Country Club, Clubhouse on Highland, BridgeStreet Gallery, The Florentine Building

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Magnolia Vine Events

Magnolia Vine comes from a special place of heart and love. Magnolias are one of my favorite flowers. Nothing says southern to me like a beautiful magnolia! "Vine" is really about many things. Vines grow and continue through almost anything. But, vines have a deeper meaning for us. John 15:5 says, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

While I know that speaks to our relationship with God, I totally believe this is an analogy for marriage. Without one, the other is not able to flourish. Together life bears much fruit when you are in life with a true partner. Marriage is about two becoming one, and I just believe this verse is so much about what marriage truly is. At our center, while we want a beautiful wedding day, we believe wedding planning is marriage planning and keeping that your center focus will lead to a successful engagement season.

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As Birmingham Wedding Videographers with over ten years of wedding industry experience, we highly recommend hiring a wedding planner. Here are the five main reasons why we believe a wedding planner is worth the investment. 

1. Wedding planners are extraordinary at communicating, organizing logistics, design, and planning. They have an extensive network behind them, from the best floral designers in town, to how much time is needed to get from your venue to the reception. By hiring a professional, you are eliminating a lot of the stress of planning one of the biggest days of your life.

2. Wedding planners can work with your budget to help you have the wedding of your dreams. They know what vendors and venues to recommend to fit your vision, style, and ultimately budget!
Wedding planners will communicate with your vendors on your wedding day and ensure your ceremony and reception set up is complete. Their job is to make your wedding day as stress-free as possible. Even with the best plans and vendor team, often something will go wrong, so by hiring a wedding planner, they can handle the situation without the couple ever knowing. 

3. Wedding planners are there to help develop a timeline and ensure you stay on track throughout the day. They are the person to ensure you get to the ceremony on time; the wedding party is in the right place, and the groomsmen have their boutonnieres on, etc. 

4. Wedding planners have unique relationships with vendors and venues to offer elopements, micro-weddings that you may not be aware of otherwise. 

5. If your ceremony venue and reception space is the same location, sometimes it is necessary to "flip" a room to set up for the reception. Wedding planners do this all the time and have access to the staff to make this happen. 

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