The Ruskin

The Ruskin is one of Nashville’s most unique wedding venues with over 160 acres of property. So, what really sets the Ruskin apart from its Nashville counterparts: a cave. But if caves aren’t for you, they have plenty of other options to fit your style!


The Ruskin Cave

The Ruskin Cave is a beautiful natural centuries-old cave that is complete with a fountain that shoots water ten feet in the air. The cave is unique in that it can accommodate a small elopement or a wedding with seating for 1,000 guests. Nowhere else in middle Tennessee can you get married in a cave, and there is so much space you can have the reception and dance floor in the cave as well!

The Garden

A cave may not be your dream wedding location, so the Ruskin offers a breathtaking garden venue surrounded by Otto Lukens Laurels, miniature evergreens, and beautiful trees. Creating a sophisticated outdoor ceremony spot! The garden can seat up to 600 guests, and it is located right next to the dressing rooms!


Twin Falls
Twin Falls is a tiered venue with seating for up to 100 guests. The falls cascade down two natural rock formations before coming together just at the altar. The Falls also features a beautiful grassy area perfect for the reception.
Ruskin College
Ruskin College is perfect for a couple that loves history. The facade of the college has been restored to the original decor and state from the 1890s when it was originally known as the Commonwealth House. The lawn can accommodate up to 100 guests and can double as the reception area!
Another unique aspect of the Ruskin is they offer some all-inclusive amenities with the venue, meaning they handle a lot of the logistics which can be helpful for couples as they plan their wedding. A few of their all-inclusive items are:

Images Courtesy of The Ruskin

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