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Tori and Ethan
Gaylord Springs Golf Links
May 21, 2023

The Experience


We produce authentic & handcrafted wedding films built on genuine moments. The Morgan Film Co experience begins with a curated proposal to tailor the wedding film to your clients unique day.

Our hands off, documentary style, organic approach curates a positive and uplifting experience between our team and the wedding planners, photographers, and other vendor partners. 

We put everything into creating a wedding film that truly encapsulates the love the couple shares, while telling the story of the wedding day. Because of this, we only take a select number of weddings a year to truly give our couples a special experience. To allow authenticity throughout the process, we do not pose clients, but capture the special moments as they happen. 

Our goal as wedding cinematographers is to ensure we are serving our clients in the best way possible. Our mission is to deliver wedding films that they love the day they receive them but truly cherish them in five, ten, and twenty years time. 

With these ideas being driving forces of our work we have refined our processes to best serve our clients in the best way possible while focusing on the films we create. 

For every client we deliver a short film with no written time constraints. We allow the flow and overall day or weekend celebration dictate the overall length of short film we deliver. By modifying our process to allow the short film to breathe in time and space this allows us to better serve our clients and craft the best possible short film of their wedding day or weekend celebration. 

Our Process


The Investment


We work with our couples to develop a custom curated collection based on their vision for their wedding film.
Our collections include any applicable travel fees.

up to 9 hours of wedding coverage
ceremony film
 short film
reception toasts & formal dances film 


collection b.

up to 3 hours of rehearsal dinner coverage
rehearsal dinner toasts film
up to 10 hours of wedding coverage
ceremony film
 short film
reception toasts & formal dances film 
teaser film


collection a.

up to 9 hours of wedding coverage
ceremony film
short film


collection c.



Teaser Film
Super 8 Film
Additional Hours - 
Expedited Delivery

Contact Information


Cell Phone: 205-568-8222

Based in Nashville, TN available for travel.